Pebble Bay      Surroundings


L'Agulhas Lighthouse

The Second Oldest working lighthouse in South Africa built in 1848 in Pharos Style. Showcases a museum and delightful coffee shop

Two Great Oceans meet at the Southern Tip of Africa

Meisho Meru 38 Shipwreck

Shipwreck can be sighted only 2 kilometres from Suiderstand.

Struisbaai Harbour

Struisbaai is only a bay over and is well known for its 14km uninterrupted white beach with safe swimming waters and long beach walks. It sports a harbour with quaint fishing boats.

Nearby Villages / Towns 

Napier -  Arniston  -  Elim  -  Die Dam
Things to do

The area has many enjoyable things to do

Meandering Walks to the pebble beach
Picnics in the local surrounds
Dining and tours at the Lighthouse
Whale Watching
Walks and hiking through the Agulhas National Park
Enjoy rock pools and fishing
Quoin Rock Winery
Bird Watching
Harbour Tours
Souvenir Shopping